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Managing Air Waybill Stock

Sequoia v1.189 onwards

Air Waybill stock can be added to Sequoia and used to create Air Export Consolidations, Basic or Back-to-Back Shipments.

Adding Stock

Go to the Data menu item on the main Sequoia toolbar.

Data Menu
From the list click on Air Waybill Stock.

AWB Stock
The list of existing Air Waybill Stock records will be displayed.

AWB Stock List
Click the Add Batch button on the toolbar and the Air Waybill Batch editor will be displayed.

AWB Batch Editor
Add the prefix number for the Airline and the first Air Waybill number that has been allocated by that Airline.

Complete either the last number the Airline has allocated or just the number of Air Waybills issued.

AWB Batch Complete
On complete, click the Save & Close button and the batch of Air Waybills will be created.

Using AWB Stock

Once the stock has been created, whenever the Airline prefix is used in an Air Export Consolidation or Shipment, the user will be prompted to use the next Air Waybill number.

Next AWB Prompt
Once the user confirms, the record is updated with the next available Air Waybill number from the stock.

AWB Used From Stock
If the number of available Air Waybills in stock is less than 10, the user is automatically alerted.

Low AWB Stock Prompt
Once the Consolidation or Shipment has been saved, the details are recorded in the Air Waybill Stock list.

Updated AWB Stock List

Deleting Air Waybill Stock

If any Air Waybill stock records need to be removed, this can be done from within the Air Waybill Stock list.

Note: Any records that have already been used cannot be deleted.

The list can be searched by entering details into the filter row at the top of the grid, for example:

Filtered AWB Stock List
Select the rows which require deleting. You can hold down the [CTRL] key to select multiple rows.

Multi Selected Rows
Click the Delete button on the toolbar.

Delete Toolbar Button
You will be prompted to confirm your action.

Prompt to Delete

Click the Delete button on the prompt and the selected Air Waybill stock records will be deleted.