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Custom Warehousing - Removals

Sequoia v1.0

Process Removals to create ISW/IFW Declaration(s)

Note: This process will create out of warehouse declarations from the details of removals that have been recorded. It will not transmit those declarations to customs.

To create out of warehouse declarations:

  1. Open 'Find Stock Removal'
  2. Set the Search Criteria to:
    • What to search for = State
    • How to search for it = Equals or contains
    • Add 'Not Processed'
  3. The search criteria can be filtered more by adding additional criteria, such as Created By, removal reference, etc
  4. Click 'Search'

To process removals to create declarations, right click anywhere on the list of removals:

  1. To process all the removal records in the list, select 'Process all Removal Declarations'
  2. To process only specific removals, highlight the required records first (using the keyboard 'Ctrl' or 'shift' to select more than one record) and select 'Process selected Removal Declaration(s)'
  3. A warning will be shown asking for confirmation to process declarations. Click 'Begin Process' to continue
  4. Information will then be displayed showing how many removals are being processed (as shown below).
  5. Click 'Close' and go to 'Declarations Awaiting Acceptance' to view the declarations and to transmit them to customs.

Transmitting the Out of Warehouse Declarations

Select the 'Declarations Awaiting Acceptance' folder (as shown below) to view the declarations that have been created by the removal process.

The list of 'declarations awaiting acceptance' will include all of those that you have just created by processing removals.
Those declarations will have one of the following status - this is displayed in the 'Declaration Status' column:

Status Explanation
Created The declaration has been created and is awaiting transmission to customs
Created with Errors The declaration was created as part of the removal processing but has not built up correctly or completely. The 'Removal Exception' folder can be used to check the build errors*. Open the declaration, by double clicking it on the list and correct the errors.
Errors reported The declaration has previously been transmitted to customs but has been rejected with errors. Open the declaration by double clicking it on the list, correct the errors in the normal way and resend it.

*Any removals that for some reason cannot be built into a declaration are shown in the 'Removal Exceptions' list (as shown below).

To transmit declarations to customs, right click anywhere on the list of 'Declarations Awaiting Acceptance':

  1. To transmit all the declarations in the list, select 'Transmit All' - as shown right.
  2. To transmit only specific declarations, highlight the required records first (using the keyboard 'Ctrl' or 'shift' to select more than one record) and select 'Transmit'