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Creating an Air Waybill

Sequoia v1.189 onwards

Air Waybills can be created from both an air export shipment or air export consolidation record.

Air Export Shipment

The option to create an Air Waybill is available from the Documentation menu.

Location of Air Waybill

The type of Air Waybill that can be created depends on the Category of the shipment record.

Category Type of Air Waybill Available
Basic Master Air Waybill
House House Air Waybill
Co-load House House Air Waybill
Back-to-Back House Master or House Air Waybill

Air Export Consolidation

The option to create an Air Waybill is available from the Documentation menu.

Location of Air Waybill

Regardless of the Category of the consolidation record a Master Air Waybill will be created.

Populating an Air Waybill

On loading the Air Waybill editor (see below), data will automatically be mapped from the shipment or consolidation and from information previously configured (refer to Air Waybill Configuration and Air Waybill Standing Data).

The Air Waybill editor is laid out in a 'what you see is what you get' (WYSIWYG) format so that how data is displayed in the editor is how it will be printed.

Air Waybill Editor (top)

Air Waybill Editor (bottom)

Editor Functions

The Air Waybill can be saved at any point by clicking the Save & Close button on the toolbar.

Once the Air Waybill has been completed it can be sent to a printer by clicking the Print button or if you want a pdf version click the Create PDF button. In both instances a copy of the Air Waybill will be accessible from the Documents tab of the shipment or consolidation.

Note, if the Air Carrier is configured for FWB messaging (see the section on FWB Data below) then the FWB message (or FHL in the case of house Air Waybills) will be sent electronically to the Air Carrier at the point the Air Waybill is printed or created as a pdf.


Lookups are supported for certain fields within the Air Waybill editor. These include the Shipper and Consignee to allow a choice of CRM Account and the appropriate address. In addition, airport codes and air carriers can be searched for when completing any 'onward destination' details.

As you hover over a control with the mouse, a magnifying glass icon will be displayed Magnifying Glass.

Clearing Data

Should the Shipper or Consignee data need to be reset, this can be easily achieved by clicking the cross icon Cross.

Rating Lines

Additional rating lines will automatically be added as data is added to the current line. In the example shown above, a second, blank, rating line will be added as soon as the 'Cls' value is populated. Where text is to be printed across the entire rating line, this text can be entered in the large box immediately below the rating lines.

FWB Data

Sequoia supports sending electronic Air Waybill data to the Air Carrier; this is known as FWB data. Not all Air Carriers support this messaging functionality and details of how Sequoia is configured for a particular Air Carrier can be found in the Air Carrier Electronic Air Waybills guide.

The data sent in the FWB message can differ from that printed on the completed Air Waybill. This is due to character restrictions on certain fields within the FWB message specification.

The menu item FWB Data provides quick access to each section of the Air Waybill that contains FWB data.

FWB Data Menu Item

The FWB data editor for each given section can also be accessed by clicking the Vertical Grey Button icon.

In the example below, the FWB data for the Shipper's Name and Address is shown. Note the difference between the details in the Air Waybill and the FWB data.

Shipper's Name and Address FWB Data

The type of FWB data shown for each section of the Air Waybill is defined in the Enterprise Configuration.

For example, we have configured the Accounting Information and Special Service Request FWB options to be displayed from the Accounting section of the Air Waybill editor.

Enterprise Configuration Example

Opening the FWB data for the Accounting Information section of the Air Waybill will display both of the Accounting Information and Special Service Request FWB data editors.

FWB Data Editor

From within the FWB data editor, any text entered can be copied to other sections of the Air Waybill by selecting an option from the Print details in drop-down.

Print Details in Options

Once you have selected the area, click the Copy data to main editor button.

Copy to Main Editor Button

This results in the text entered in the FWB editor now appearing in the desired section of the Air Waybill.

Data Copied to Handling

Once you have finished with any of the FWB data editors, click the highlighted Close button.

FWB Editor Close Button