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Custom Warehousing - Removals

Sequoia v1.0

Import removals from other systems (SDF only)

Sequoia can upload removal details from Warehouse management systems to allow quicker removal processing.
Currently we only support this via SDF (fixed text length) files. The data in these files must be structured correctly. The details of the file structure are here.

To import removal information from an SDF file:

  1. Click 'Customs Warehousing' on the lower toolbar
  2. Select 'Import Data from File'
  3. Complete the 'Import Removal Data'

    Field Value
    Depositor Type the name or Shortcode of the depositor of stock, alternatively use '?' on the keyboard to open the CRM look-up
    Site Select the Warehouse Site from the drop down of available sites. If configured in CRM for the depositor this will default
    Data Source Select '...' to locate the SDF file to import, this will allow you to search network drives
    Translator Will default to 'SDF'
  4. Click 'OK' to import

  5. The Removal Data File will be displayed as shown below.
  6. The information can be edited directly on this form if necessary.
  7. Click 'Save & Close'

This process will add the data from the file to the list of data to be processed. Multiple files can be uploaded as necessary.

This uploaded removal data will be stored in Sequoia but at this stage none of the removals that were contained in the file will have been processed. No stock items will have the removal recorded against them adjusted to decrement the stock remaining.

Managing the uploaded removal data

Removals can be put on hold temporarily or deleted if removal items should not be processed:

  1. Open the 'Removals Data for Processing' folder (within the Customs Warehousing module)
  2. The uploaded data will be displayed in the list.
    • Double clicking a record on the list will display details of the whole file that was uploaded (see [5] above).
    • To hold a removal item - to prevent it from being processed automatically - right click and select 'Hold/Release Hold'. A red icon will appear in the 'On Hold' column on the list. To release the hold, repeat this operation.
    • To delete a removal item - to prevent it being removed - highlight the removal item and select 'Delete/Restore item', confirm the deletion. The 'State' will be set to 'Deleted'. If all other items are processed this will be removed from the list also.
    • To process all of the displayed removals, right click and select 'Process all Removals'. The 'State' of the selected removals will change to 'Processed'
    • To process only selected removals, highlight the required records first (using Ctrl or shift) and then select 'Process removal'. The 'State' of the selected removals will change to 'Processed'
  3. Now the removal declarations can be generated in the same way as manual removals (see 'Removals - Process removals Declarations.pdf')

Delete entire SDF upload

To delete the entire uploaded file: 1. Double click one of the Removal lines from 'Removals Data for Processing' folder
1. Click 'Delete File' on the toolbar at the top of the form

1. Confirm deletion, click 'Delete'
1. All lines will be removed from the folder

SDF Imports 'Created with Errors'

If a file has been uploaded and one or more rows show a 'State' of 'Created with Errors', open the file to review and resolve any issues.

  1. Open 'Removals Data for Processing' folder (within Customs Warehousing module)
  2. Double click one of the removal rows to open the 'Removal Data File' form.
    • Each row with errors will have a yellow exclamation mark (as shown above).
    • The 'Validation Results' in the bottom right corner will highlight the cause(s) of the errors
  3. Make any amendments in CRM or in the file data
  4. Click 'Save & Close'
  5. Continue with removal processing