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Air Waybill Configuration

Sequoia v1.189 onwards

Default values used when creating air waybills can be set within the Sequoia Configuration application (an overview of this application can be found in this guide).

Enterprise Configuration

Select your enterprise name under Sequoia Enterprise Management and select the Air Waybill Configuration tab on the right hand side as shown below.

Enterprise Air Waybill Configuration

Label Information required
IATA Code Agent's IATA code
CASS Address Agent's CASS address code
Default Currency Code The currency to use on the Air Waybill
Weight/Valuation Prepaid/Collect Indicator Indicate whether the WT/VAL charges are pre-paid or collect
Other Charges Prepaid/Collect Indicator Indicate whether Other Charges are pre-paid or collect
Default Sci Value Set to CT if the airport of departure is within a European country
Default Value for Carriage to 'NVD' Set the 'Declared Value for Carriage' to NVD
Default Customs Value to 'NCV' Set the 'Declared Value for Customs' to NCV
Default Insurance Value to 'XXX' Set the 'Amount of Insurance' to XXX
Signature Text to show in the 'Signature of Shipper or his Agent' box
Also Notify Default Specify where the Also Notify information for FWB messaging would appear on the Air Waybill editor
Other Service Request Default Specify where the Other Service Request information for FWB messaging would appear on the Air Waybill editor
Accounting Information Default Specify where the Accouting Information for FWB messaging would appear on the Air Waybill editor
Special Service Request Default Specify where the Special Service Request information for FWB messaging would appear on the Air Waybill editor
Trading Conditions Trading conditions to be printed on the back of house Air waybills can be copied and pasted into the text area

Select the Image tab in order to add an image to appear on a House Air Waybill.

House Air Waybill Image

Right-click inside the box and you will have an option to either Paste an image (if the image is currently on your Windows clipboard) or Load an existing image file from the file system.

Add House Air Waybill Image

Once loaded, the image will appear in the box. For example:

Added House Air Waybill Image

Site Configuration

Issuing Carrier's Agent Name and City together with the Sender Place can be added to the configuration stored against every site in the Sequoia Configuration application.

Site Configuration

An example of the completed configuration.

Site Air Waybill Configuration

Each site has its own configuration. Therefore a user at one site will have the Issuing Carrier and Sender details on their Air Waybill taken from their site's configuration whereas a user at another site will see the details from their own site.

FWB - Badge Configuration

In order for electronic Air Waybill messages (FWB/FHL) to be sent to an Air Carrier a CCS-UK badge needs to be configured as the sender for the messages.

The badge is configured within the Sequoia Configuration application.

Right-click the CCS-UK badge code you wish to use for the FWB messages (note, the badge location is not relevant for this process, if you have multiple badges with CCS-UK then any of these badges can be used). Choose Properties to display the badge details.

CCS-UK Badge Properties

Select the checkboxes for FWB and FHL messaging.