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Custom Warehousing - Removals

Sequoia v1.0

Remove Stock from Individual Stock Item records

  1. Select the 'Find Warehouse Stock' folder (located in the 'Customs Warehousing' module)
  2. Search for Stock records:
    • Select 'Stock on Hand' from the Saved Search Criteria dropdown list
    • Click 'Search'
  3. Locate the stock item from which you need to remove stock.
  4. Right click this record and select 'Remove Stock'
  5. Complete 'Removal' details on the removal form.

    Field Value
    Customer Reference An additional reference can be added and used to search for the removal and will be shown in reports.
    Removal Date Will default to today's date, can be amended if required
    Customer Will populate the Stock header 'Owner '
    Removal CPC This can be defaulted from the depositors CRM account if configured or type the CPC code for removal
    Destination Country Will Default to GB, unless the CPC listed allows this to be changed
    Quantity Removed Amend the 'Quantity removed,' if required. It will default to all remaining stock
    Net Mass
    Gross Mass
    Will automatically update when the Quantity removed is set. These details can be overwritten if required
    Sale in Whse Curr
    Sale in Whse Value
    Specify a Sale in Warehouse currency and value if these are different to the values stored in the stock record. The stored values are shown in the summary panel at the top of the form
  6. Click 'OK' to create the removal. The 'Removals' section at the bottom of the stock item record will be updated with the removal record (see below).

    • The 'State' of the removal will be set to 'Not Processed'
    • No removal declaration has been created at this point
  7. Repeat steps 3 to 6 to create any other removals

If you are authorised for EIDR/LCP, goods can now be removed from the Customs Warehouse.
Your Authorisation will define time frame by which out of warehouse declarations must be submitted - e.g. within 2 days of removal.

For Normal procedures the IFW declarations are required to be sent and customs acceptance to be received before the goods can be removed from the Customs Warehouse.

For information on how to process removals to create and transmit removal declarations see Removals - Process Removal Declarations