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Custom Warehousing - Removals

Sequoia v1.0

Remove Goods from Warehouse by Product code

Goods can be removed from multiple stock items using the Product code.
To process a removal by product code:

  1. Click 'Customs Warehousing' on the main Sequoia toolbar and select 'Remove Goods by Product Code' from the menu.
    • Or from the 'Find Warehouse stock' results; right click and select 'Remove Goods by Product Code'
  2. This will display the Removal by Product Code form (as shown below).
  3. Complete details of the 'Depositor' of the goods
    • Type the Shortcode, customer name or TIN
    • Or use to open the CRM lookup
  4. Select the 'Warehouse Site' (where the goods are located) from the drop-down list.
  5. Enter the Product Code of the goods you wish to remove
    • Type the Product Code
    • Use '?' on keyboard or '...' to open the product code lookup to search for all available product code for the depositor and site selected above
  6. All available stock matching the criteria above will be displayed in the list (as shown below). Complete the removal details

    Field Value
    Removal Reference An additional reference can be added and used to search for the removal and will be shown in reports as 'Customer reference'.
    Removal Quantity The quantity in stock will be shown in the lower panel, add the amount to be removed. This will automatically select the stock items based on a first in first out basis, you can manually change the selection of stock in the bottom panel.
    Removal CPC Code This can be defaulted from the depositors CRM account if configured or type the CPC code for removal
    Destination Country Will Default to GB, unless the CPC listed allows this to be changed
    Removal Date Will default to today's date, can be amended if required
    This party will appear as the consignee on the out of warehouse declaration.
    It will default to the owner recorded against the stock item. It can however be defaulted from the depositor's CRM account if configured.
    Sale in Warehouse Currency Add if the value of the goods being removed is different to that recorded in the stock item. This value is used for the out of warehouse declaration when the Stock value and sale value are different.
  7. Click 'Remove Stock' - on the toolbar at the top of the form.

  8. The Removal details will be blanked out. Click 'Close' to exit or fill in more details to process another removal.
    • The Removal will be created on each Stock Lot included
    • The Removal 'State' will be set to 'Not Processed'
    • No removal declaration has been created at this point

If you are authorised for EIDR/LCP, goods can now be removed from the Customs Warehouse.
Your Authorisation will define time frame by which out of warehouse declarations must be submitted - e.g. within 2 days of removal.

For Normal procedures the IFW declarations are required to be sent and customs acceptance to be received before the goods can be removed from the Customs Warehouse.

For information on how to process removals to create and transmit removal declarations see Removals - Process Removal Declarations