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NCTS - Create a Transit Declaration

Sequoia v1.0

Create a transit declaration

Once you have created an NCTS Movement (See Creating a transit movement), click [Declaration] on the movement editor (as highlighted below).

If NCTS is in fallback (and you are authorised by HMRC for 'Business Continuity' procedures) make sure you have ticked the Fallback box on the movement editor - see below - before making a declaration.

Transit movement screen

This will display the New NCTS Declaration dialog, where you can select the 'Profile' to apply to the declaration.

New NCTS screen

NCTS profiles are configured in the Sequoia Management Console. They store information relating to any Authorised Consignor status, guarantees etc.

Select the appropriate profile by clicking the dropdown to the right of this box to display a list of available profiles.

Then select the Procedure - normal or simplified - and click [OK] to load the declaration editor.

NCTS Declaration screen

You will see that a lot of the information required has been automatically filled in from the movement and from the profile you selected.

If export shipments or consolidations or inventory records have been linked to the movement then most of the information required at item level on the declaration will also have been automatically completed.

Complete any additional information required and to transmit the declaration, click [Send] on the toolbar at the top of the declaration editor.


If you have ticked the Fallback box on the movement editor, then you will not be able to send the declaration to customs. In this case you should click [Print] on the toolbar at the top of the declaration editor. The TAD will print with the required 'Business Continuity' stamps in red as required by the legislation.

Updating the declaration status

The transit movement status - 'Declaration released for transit' in the example below - will update as responses and updates are received from customs. As you can see, the MRN will also appear here once it has been notified by customs.

NCTS Movement Status

The status history

The NCTS status history can be viewed by clicking [Status] from the toolbar of the movement editor.

As shown below, it lists the date and time of each 'event', the resulting status and the EDI message that caused the status to change.

NCTS Status History

Printing the Transit Accompanying Document (TAD)

The TAD report will automatically print to your defined printer when the goods are 'Released for transit', and it is stored in the Documents folder of the movement (as highlighted below).

Documents view on the NCTS Job

As you can see from the image above, you can open the document to print it or attach it to an email to send it.

You can also add your own documents to this list, by either clicking [Add] and following the instructions, or by dragging the required document into the list.