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CDS - Frequently Asked Questions

Sequoia v5.0 onwards

Upgrading to Sequoia version 5.0 or greater is not the only thing you need to do to access CDS declarations, although it's certainly a part of it.

FAQs and General Guidance for completing a declaration on CDS

As we all start to move over to sending declaration through CDS, we're collating some of the issues and questions that have been encountered so far. If you have an issue or question that is not answered below then please contact our helpdesk for support. This guide will continue to be updated regularly.

Question or Issue Data Element SAD box Answer
Can I submit both import and export CDS declarations in Sequoia ? N/A N/A Currently Sequoia only supports import declarations.
The ability to create export declarations is visible in Sequoia but the messaging is not complete and may result in incomplete responses. In addition, the Community Service Providers (CCS-UK, CNS, etc) do not have a working export solution for CDS. Therefore the ability to link export declarations to master records (the DUCR to MUCR linking) or arrive export declarations at the ports is not available.
How can I amend a declaration that has already been submitted? N/A N/A Sequoia does not currently support amending an accepted or lodged declaration (any declaration where the MRN has been allocated).
In order to change any of the declared data you will need to copy the existing declaration (the one you want to change), make the amendments to the new declaration and submit to CDS and then cancel your original declaration.
For a full, detailed, walk-through please see the following guide.
How can I convert my test declaration to a live, inventory linked, declaration ? N/A N/A Please see the following guide.
What can I enter in Additional Information? 2/2 44 This will be 5 alphanumeric characters, e.g. AB123. See Appendix 4 - Additional information (AI) statement codes for CDS for information on which codes require a description to be entered and what the description should be (see the 'Details to be entered on the declaration' column).
Can I submit inventory linked test declarations ? N/A N/A No, the CDS TDR environment does not support inventory linked declarations.
Sequoia will be enhanced in a future release to remove the inventory link details from test declarations but for the time being please do not include the Z - MCR header level Previous Document [40] in any test declaration as this will block any acceptance response being received.
Deferred declarations are being accepted even though I have not included the DPO Authorisation Holder or C506 document. N/A N/A This question was asked of HMRC and we received the following response:

CDS validation checks are being added incrementally so although the system has accepted the declaration without C505 and C506 being completed as required by the CDS Tariff, this is a gap which will be addressed in due course. Declarations should be completed as instructed in the CDS Tariff regardless of any current gaps in the system validation. The only exception to this is in regard to workarounds advised by HMRC.