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Splitting an ETSF Consignment

Sequoia v1 onwards


An ETSF consignment can only have one import declaration (or removal) linked to it.

It is only consignments at the lowest level that can be linked to declarations/removals. For example, where a master consignment has one or more house consignments, it is only the house consignments that can be linked to declarations/removals.

Normally this is sufficient as one consignment relates to one import of goods to one importer and can therefore be covered by one import declaration.

However, there are circumstances where more than one declaration or removal is required against one consignment. In these circumstances, you can 'split' a consignment (at the lowest level) in order to process more than one declaration or removal against the goods contained therein.

A consignment can be split into up to 99 individual sub consignments.

Splitting a Consignment

To split an ETSF consignment, first locate the consignment in the ETSF module and open the ETSF Consignment editor.

Note that you can only split a consignment if it is arrived and the number of packages expected (NPX) is more that 1.

Click on the [New Split] button on the toolbar towards the bottom of the editor (as highlighted below).

This will display a list below the button, as shown below.

Note that the list already includes two rows (for two splits). You cannot create only one split for a consignment.

The first split (reference 01) on the list shows the number of packages and gross weight of the consignment that is being split. You should adjust these to reflect the packages and weight that you wish to apply to the first split.

As you adjust these, the row below (split reference 02 in this example) will automatically adjust to display the remaining balance of goods (as illustrated below).

You can repeat this process to create as many splits as you require (up to a maximum of 99).

Once you have input all of the information, click [Send] on the toolbar at the top of the editor. Once the information has been transmitted to CCS-UK, the split consignment records will appear on the ETSF Consignments list. Each split can now be linked to a declaration or removal as necessary.