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CDS Exports Migration Progress

Last updated 02/06/2023.


Live non-inventory linked [NIVL] CDS export declarations are supported in Sequoia from version 5.34 or greater. These are declarations for goods which would normally be departed via a Ro-Ro port using GVMS (the Goods Vehicle Movement System).

Access to this functionality is being controlled in co-ordination with HMRC and the functionality is not automatically enabled when you upgrade. Once you have familiarised yourself with the restrictions described below.

Just because you have enabled CDS exports, doesn’t mean all your export declarations have to be submitted to CDS. You can complete both CHIEF and CDS export declarations in Sequoia from version 5.34.

Indeed there are some limitations with CDS exports imposed by HMRC as some functionality is not yet supported on the CDS platform. See below for details of these restrictions.


There are restrictions imposed by HMRC as the functionality is not yet supported on the CDS platform.

The main restrictions are as follows:

  • The DUCR from this CDS export declaration must be used to generate the GMR (Goods Movement Reference) on GVMS. Use of a transit TAD MRN - where exports are declared under CDS - to generate the GMR is not yet supported by HMRC.
  • Declarant’s exporting goods requiring a DBT (Department for Business and Trade) licence must ensure their/the exporter’s EORI has been added to their license on the DBT SPIRE system.
  • Exports declared under the export Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) are not yet supported on CDS by HMRC.
  • Exports of goods under Excise are not yet supported on CDS by HMRC.
  • If export goods which are declared on CDS are subsequently diverted to an inventory linked port, the CDS export declaration will have to be cancelled and a new declaration made to CHIEF.
  • Inventory-linked export declarations - those where DUCRs are associated to a MUCR prior to arriving at the port - are not currently supported by HMRC.

Important note - You should not use a CCS-UK badge to submit live CDS export declarations until we can instruct CCS-UK to enable the functionality for your badge(s). This functionality through CCS-UK is still being tested.

We will advise you when this has been done.

Submitting CDS export declarations

You can transmit CDS export declarations using any existing CSP badge (although currently this does not apply to CCS-UK badges) or direct to CDS.

Enabling live CDS export declarations in Sequoia

If you would like to enable live non-inventory linked export CDS declarations in Sequoia, please ensure you have read the information regarding restrictions above.

Please also ensure that you have upgraded to version 5.34 (or above) of Sequoia.

Once you are happy to proceed, please contact the ASM Helpdesk via the ASM Service Desk Portal requesting access to live CDS exports.

We will process your request as soon as possible and let you know as soon as the functionality is enabled for you. Our response may not be immediate, but please be patient while we make the necessary changes to the ASM Online Services platform.