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Custom Warehousing - Into Warehouse Declaration

Sequoia v1.0

Into Warehouse Declaration via IFD

When you submit an import IFD (full declaration) with the appropriate warehouse authorisation (box 49) and warehouse site declared, when the declaration is accepted by customs, Sequoia will automatically create a warehouse stock header record.

Manually entering item details on the IFD declaration will not automatically create warehouse stock item details. You will have to create these manually once the IFD declaration has been accepted by customs and the warehouse stock record has been created by Sequoia.

Note - if you use a worksheet to create items in the IFD declaration then warehouse stock item details will be automatically created for you. See the 'Into Warehouse Declaration via IFD & Worksheet' handout for details.

To create an IFD declaration:

  1. Create a Job from
    • CCS-UK Inventory record for Air Imports
    • Ocean Jobs folder for Ocean Imports
      • Add claimed UCN
  2. Create a Full Declaration (IFD)
    • Add 'Warehouse Premises' to box [49]
    • Warehouse Site (can be defaulted if configured in CRM)
    • Set into warehouse CPC
    • Manually build up Items - templates & item favourites can be used
  3. Click 'Send'
  4. Once the declaration is accepted a 'Customs Warehousing' Task is created and added to the job (as shown below).

The Stock Header Record will be created but will not be set as 'completed' and removals cannot be processed yet. Complete the stock 'Declaration' details and add Stock Items.

  1. Open the Stock Header by:
    • Double clicking the 'Customs Warehousing Task' on the Job or
    • Opening the Customs Warehousing module, selecting the 'Stock Details Incomplete' folder then double click the appropriate record on the list.
  2. Check the Stock Record details
    • The Warehouse ID & Site will default from the declaration
    • 'Into Warehouse' will show the date the IFD was accepted
    • The 'Depositor' will default from the declaration Consignee
  3. Complete any other stock header details required
    • Invoice Number
    • P.O Number
    • Customer Reference
  4. The 'Declaration' Tab will show information from the IFD declaration. You must complete any other appropriate information. This information will be used to automatically populate data in subsequent 'Out of Warehouse' declarations (IFW/ISW).
  5. Add Stock Items manually by selecting the 'Stock Details' tab and clicking 'Add' or by 'Importing a Worksheet'
    • See 'Add Stock Items' handout for more information
  6. Once you have added all the stock items and declaration information, tick 'Stock Details complete'
  7. Click 'Save & Close'
  8. The Stock Record will no longer be shown in 'Stock Details Incomplete' folder