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Custom Warehousing - Into Warehouse Declaration

Sequoia v1.0

Into Warehouse Declaration via IFD & Worksheet

When you submit an import IFD (full declaration) with the appropriate warehouse authorisation (box 49) and warehouse site declared, when the declaration is accepted by customs, Sequoia will automatically create a warehouse stock header record.
When a Worksheet is used to build up the declaration items the Stock header and Items will be automatically created.

  1. Create a Job from
    • CCS-UK Inventory record for Air Imports
    • Ocean Jobs folder for Ocean Imports
      • Add claimed UCN
  2. Create Full Declaration (IFD)
    • Add 'Warehouse Premises' to box [49]
    • Warehouse Site (can be defaulted if configured in CRM)
  3. Add Items via Worksheet (see Worksheet Handouts for more information)
    • Ensure Product Code is completed
  4. Click 'Send'

Once the declaration is accepted a 'Customs Warehousing' Task is created and added to the job (as shown below).

The Stock Header Record and stock Items will be created automatically, and the stock record set as completed.
Removals can be processed once you have checked the Stock details and 'Declaration' details.

You can open the Stock Header record by double clicking the 'Customs Warehousing Task' on the Job. If so, go to [6] below.


  1. Open the 'Customs Warehousing' module and select the 'Find Warehouse Stock' folder
  2. Define search criteria or select 'Receipts in the last seven days' or 'Stock on hand' from the Saved Search Criteria (as shown)
  3. Click 'Search'
  4. This will show all stock record matching your search criteria. If no search criteria are listed and search is pressed it will try to retrieve all Stock records and may take some time.
  5. Right click the results to 'Open Stock Header' record
  6. Check the Stock Header details and amend where required:
    • The Warehouse ID & Site will default from declaration
    • The 'into Warehouse' will show the date the IFD was accepted
    • The 'Depositor' will default from the declaration consignee
  7. Complete any other Stock Header details required:
    • Customer reference
    • Invoice Number
    • P.O Number
  8. Check the Stock Item details. To edit item details, right click the row on the stock details list and select 'Open Stock Item'
    • If Anti-Dumping or Countervailing Duty is applicable, the percentage can be added to the 'ADD/CVD %' box.
    • Quantity amendments will require a Change Stock Event (See handout for more details)
  9. The 'Declaration' Tab of the Stock Header record will show information from the IFD declaration. You must complete any other appropriate information. This information will be used to automatically populate data in subsequent 'Out of Warehouse' declarations (IFW/ISW).